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A partner you can rely on

Medapp Healthcare Tecnology with JUZO COMPRESSION SOLUTIONS, is committed to helping people feel their best with high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy. Every day . Our portfolio caters to a wide range of different needs and indications.

We are a reliable and experienced partner for our customers around the Greek territory  that include pharmacies, DMEs, orthopaedic and medical specialist stores as well as medical professionals and hospitals. They advise individuals and provide them with products and solutions for medical compression.

Further more our specialized team of expertise can provide custom size for every patient needs.

Thinking forward.

Our portfolio is built on brands targeting different needs and indications.
On the one hand, we want to support patients with venous disorders, lymphedema and lipedema in making their lives as restriction-free as possible.
On the other hand, the positive effects of compression therapy in day-to-day life, at work, on long-distance trips and during sports should also be made accessible to a health-conscious public.

As we stay committed promoting relevant medical solutions, we keep innovating so that our health care professional partners can continue to play an integral part in enhancing people’s lives.
Thus, we support the sustainable success of their business.